Tower  |  5,443 L (1,440 gal)

A Very Efficient Shape for Aging...

Maximize your storage space and your yield with these tall beauties! Use the concrete tower tank with a closed or open top and on the floor or on our optional, steel base (shown). Available options and accessories give this concrete wine tank the functionality that belies its simple shape.  Try our optional, glycol temperature control system. It’s uniquely embedded into the concrete to have no contact the wine. Closed or open top.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Optional Temperature Control System

Choice of Color & Logo Treatment

As with all of our concrete tanks, the inside casting is done with traditional, colorless concrete made of chlorine-free water, the same formula used for centuries in European concrete wine tanks.  The outer shell is composed of our revolutionary, new FiberCast concrete that is environmentally-sustainable, extra strong and absolutely beautiful. This unique combination gives maximum strength. The outer shell also permits the egg to be made in a variety of colors, because the pigmented concrete never comes into contact with the wine. We can even emboss your name or logo directly onto the concrete, making these intriguing tanks an added attraction for your tasting room or winery tour.

New Option: Pivotal Manway Covers


Swings open or closed, effortlessly...

Standard Colors for  Concrete Wine Tanks

Choose from the natural and designer colors of the amazing Sonoma Cast Stone palette or work with

us to develop your own signature color.

Colors viewed online are not precise. For color matching, call us to order concrete samples.

Mold-Released and Sealed Concrete

Let us know when you're ready...

Most of the world's finest wines are made in concrete.



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