Segment  |  3,100 to 28,000 Gallons

Contemporary concrete for larger wineries...

Remember the giant swimming pool fermentation vats of the 70s?

Sonoma Cast Stone has developed a modern system of concrete fermentation for larger wineries. Our "Segment" tanks system is modular, so you can get the configuration that's ideal for your winery, and all for about the same cost as stainless.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Optional Temperature Control System

Choice of Color & Logo Treatment

Sonoma Cast Stone has been in the California Wine Country for 20 years, and our wine tanks were designed in consultation with the regional winemakers here. Our express purpose was to make the world’s greatest wines.


A lofty goal? Certainly. Achievable? Yes.

New Option: Pivotal Manway Covers


Swings open or closed, effortlessly...

Standard Colors for  Concrete Wine Tanks

Choose from the natural and designer colors of the amazing Sonoma Cast Stone palette or work with

us to develop your own signature color.

Colors viewed online are not precise. For color matching, call us to order concrete samples.

Mold-Released and Sealed Concrete

Let us know when you're ready...

Most of the world's finest wines are made in concrete.



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