Small Square  |  2,196 L (580 gal)

With a closed top or open top...

The square tank is a more efficient use of limited winery floor space than the egg or conical tanks. Stainless fittings may be moved to mirror the adjacent tank. Square tanks can include heating and cooling control as does all of our concrete tanks. Available with and without tops.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Optional Temperature Control System

Choice of Color & Can Have Your Logo

What you see on the outside of Sonoma Cast Stone concrete wine tanks  is a strikingly beautiful, showroom-quality, polished concrete fixture, in the colors of your choice, proudly displaying your logo and the superior standards of your wine and your winery to all of your guests. What you don’t see is the quality of the concrete under the dazzling finish, the 20 years of experience developing concrete formulations, and the dual layers of interior concrete that allow us to give you the industry’s only guarantee against structural cracking.

New Option: Pivotal Manway Covers


Swings open or closed, effortlessly...

Standard Colors for  Concrete Wine Tanks

About Classic Concrete

If You Like a Growing Patina of Wear

Everything Sonoma Cast Stone makes is made of EarthCrete™ sustainable concrete. Classic Concrete surfaces come diamond-sanded and hand-polished, bringing it to showroom quality. Classic Concrete tanks will stain and show age, developing a unique and growing patina of wear and use, adding to the organic feel and character of each piece.

This Surface Will Show Wear

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Cultivates a Growing Patina of Age

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Most of the world's finest wines are made in concrete.



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