Tulip  |  1,628 L (430 gal)

Organically-Shaped Tanks...

Like the Egg and the Amphora, you can only get this organic shape from concrete. These organic shapes are known to promote fermentation by allowing the fluid to circulate naturally, and the dome-like top has the great advantage of forcing the grapes downward to reduce the need for labor-intensive punch-down.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Optional Temperature Control System

Choice of Colors & Logo Treatment

Standard Colors for  Concrete Wine Tanks

Choose from the natural and designer colors of the amazing Sonoma Cast Stone palette or work with

us to develop your own signature color.

Colors viewed online are not precise. For color matching, call us to order concrete samples.

Mold-Released and Sealed Concrete

Let us know when you're ready...

Most of the world's finest wines are made in concrete.



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