Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Wine Tanks
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From Canada to Chile, From New Zealand to Malta

Sonoma Cast Stone is in the heart of the California Wine Country, but you can get the same stunning beauty and quality AND the same ten-year guarantee against cracks and leaks just about anywhere in the world that people make wine. Use the appropriate form below to contact your Sonoma Cast Stone representative. If you are uncertain, (Click Here).
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Europe  Sonoma By SAS

Sas Prefabricados De Hormigon

(SAS) has exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Sonoma Cast Stone concrete fermentation tanks for the wine and beer industries for Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and the Principality of Monaco.

Founded in 1900 by Joan Sas, the award-winning SAS Prefabricados is steeped in family history and a recognized leader in manufacturing techniques and logistics in the current market.

Adrià Sas

(+34) 933 458 850

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Chile  Tec4 Food

Engineering and Innovation

Based in São João da Madeira, Portugal, Tech4Food was founded in 2010 to provide customizable engineering solutions for the food and beverage industries.

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South America  Viña Edén


The Viña Edén is a winery known for its unique wines present in the rocky mountain ranges of Pueblo Eden. On the panoramic Route 12, born in the Atlantic, just minutes away from the Punta del Este, Viña Edén Winery is situated in an exceptional location between the mountains. 

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Australia & NZ  MasterCask

Established in 2010

Committed to Quality. At Master Cask, we take pride in everything we produce and the brands we represent. We believe in supplying the spirits and wine industries with premium barrels and other vessels, from across the globe, resulting in undeniable quality spirit and wine.