Genuine MetalCrete® Concrete for Commercial Use

Real, Soft-Metal Finishes on Solid Concrete

The Charm of an Old, Irish Pub

MetalCrete® is a fundamentally new surface, and it’s very exciting. We permanently embed metal powders into solid concrete. This is the real thing: real Copper, Iron, Bronze, and Pewter. Those are all soft metals, and as such, they will age and show wear, so these are living finishes. If you want a surface that gradually takes on the old-world charm of a country tavern, there is literally nothing like MetalCrete®.

Genuine Soft-Metal Finishes

Solid Cast Concrete Underneath

Apply to Countertops, Sinks or Tubs

MetalCrete® is a unique product produced only by Sonoma Cast Stone. After much research we have found a method of permanently embedding metal powder into our concrete surfaces. Unlike our stain proof  NuCrete® - the surface on our MetalCrete® products is a “living finish”. Copper, Pewter, Bronze, and Iron are all soft metals. As such they will stain and scratch. This is not a concern on wall cladding and is only a concern on countertop and sink surfaces if the client does not expect this before purchasing these products. A typical countertop will begin with a clear, polished look. Over time. stains and scratches become apparent. Given time and use, the countertop will take on the charm and appearance of an old Irish Pub. MetalCrete® is not for everyone or every purpose. If you enjoy patina – you will love our MetalCrete® finishes.



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