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Why Concrete Wine Tanks?

Concrete breathes like oak, but imparting no added taste.

Concrete allows the wine to express pure fruit and showcase its terroir.

Concrete can hold any shape that

you feel is best for fermentation.

Winemakers know that even neutral oak is not neutral and will give a bit of itself to your wine, whether you like it or not. Concrete makes for a truly neutral vessel, like steel, yet it oxygentates like oak.

Winemakers all over the world are rediscovering the benefits of concrete in fermentation, finding the virtues of both of oak and steel with the drawbacks of neither. Now, most of the world's highest-rated wines are made in concrete.

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Wine fermented in concrete has the round mouthfeel of wine fermented in oak, but it has much greater purity of fruit flavor, even  greater intensity of color.

Concrete allows for any shape. Want a conical top to condense the cap? Want an organic shape with no corners for the wine to pocket in? How about a tall rectangle to get the most wine out of your floor space?

For fermentation, storage or aging, concrete is simply phenomenal.

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