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Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Wine Tanks
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The Right Choice

In 2008, Sonoma Cast Stone was known for jaw-dropping architectural
fixtures made from colorful contemporary concrete.

We had introduced high-end, integral concrete sinks to homes and
businesses, developed a new stain-free concrete and added 
the option of stunning metal finishes. 

Then we turned our attention to concrete wine tanks and saw that
they were little more than simple vessels, begging for innovation.

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Won’t Crack or Leak...

10-Year Guarantee

Sonoma Cast Stone has invested a great deal of time and resources in formulating what we think is the best and most beautiful concrete in the world. We guarantee all of our concrete wine tanks against structural cracks or leaks for ten years, and ours is the only such guarantee that we know of.

hidden glycol system

Hidden Glycol System

Precise Temp Control

A thick-walled concrete wine tank is naturally eco-efficient and tends to stabilize temperature all by itself, for a smooth and gradual fermentation, with no temperature spikes to make the yeast become aggressive. Sonoma Cast Stone invented a unique glycol system hidden within the tank walls that gives precise temperature control throughout fermentation. The embedded tubing will not shock the wine or interfere with cleaning. Another SCS innovation.





layered concrete

Layered Concrete

Superior Engineering

This layered concrete system was one of our first innovations, and it remains unique. Three concrete layers interlock for ultimate strength and resistance to cracking, and provide the added benefit of increased thermal mass for stable temperature. No one else does this. We can’t honestly say how long our tanks will last, but the first ones we installed in 2008 are still making geat wine!

sfae concrete

Safe for wine...


Sonoma Cast Stone is the only concrete vessel manufacturer to have our concrete analyzed by the FDA and determined safe for use in wine fermentation and aging.





large factory

Large jobs? Can do!

Plenty of room for your job.

Is your winery thinking big? We have a 48,000 sq ft factory packed to the rafters with all the tools and talent needed for engineering, producing and shipping your big orders.

tank made to order

Each tank is made to order.

Your tanks for your winery.

Our tanks are not racked generically in a warehouse waiting for customers. We make your tanks to your specifications. This is not fast food. This is fine dining.





seismic protection

Protecting you and your wine...

Seismic Engineering for Safety

30 miles from a major California fault line, we know a thing or two about earthquakes, and no one around here will forget the 2014 Napa quake. Our tanks come with steel levelers that bolt into a concrete floor, and our stackable NuBarrels passed rigorous shake-testing at the UC Berkeley Seismic Center.

concrete wine tanks logo

We know how to treat a logo...

Logo treatments.

Sonoma Cast Stone is also unique in our ability to display your logo on your tanks, with several stunning options.





different sizes of concrete wine tanks

Any style you need...

All shapes and sizes...

We offer conical tanks, square and rectangular tanks, teacups, eggs, SuperEggs, and even stackable NuBarrels. From small batch testing to large-scale production, the capacities range from 2,300 gallons down to 170.

nubarrel concrete wine tanks

Concrete NuBarrels®

The New Barrel!

Your oak barrels should last a few years. Our stackable  NuBarrel® concrete wine tanks will last a few decades. Check-out NuBarrels®, only from Sonoma Cast Stone.





details of concrete wine tanks

Attention to detail...

We thought of everything.

We make the best concrete, and we use the best stainless steel fixtures, and we know that concrete and steel don’t follow the same rules when it comes to expanding and contracting, so we developed the perfect technique using soft seals.

custom pallets

Custom pallets...

Yep, we thought of that too.

We developed our own custom pallets for off-loading our concrete egg tanks and concrete amphora tanks. You can buy a pallet, or you can borrow one.





pedestals and supports

A place to put the tank...

Pedestals and supports.

We make a variety of pedestals and supports for our concrete wine tanks. You can get them in matching concrete or in steel.

made in america

In the Calfornia wine country...

Made in America.

Sonoma Cast Stone is the only maker of concrete wine tanks in the US. If your winery is in North America, you don’t need to spend a nickel on overseas shipping or customs fees, and if you’re lucky enough to live in Napa or Sonoma County, we’re just a short drive away.